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Why Sell with Mommiganics?
Mommiganics is an organic marketplace to allow conscious buyers find products ranging from baby products, household cleaning supplies, appliances, fashion ware, and more at one place, knowing they are truly organic, eco-friendly and sustainable.

We are a team of entrepreneurs from different industry, backgrounds, as well as from around the world. We have first hand experience the ups and downs an entrepreneur goes through. We have been through the challenges any start-ups would face, especially the hardships imposed onto us from big, monopoly players.

Together we put forward Mommiganics, the one and only third party marketplace that offers you tools to help you sell your products.

What do You get by Selling with Mommiganics?

Your products could also be displayed on 20+ wholesale and retail platforms.

Alibaba: The #1 wholesale platform with billions of active buyers daily. We have been partnering with Alibaba for more than 8 years as a Gold Member that allow 200X the exposure per product, as compared to Free Member. Your account manager will optimize your product SEO within the platform. All you have to do is provide us your wholesale price and policy. When we receive wholesale inquiries for your product, we will pass them on to you, without charging you any service fees or commission. It is included in your vendor membership plan.

RangeMe: Where big box players such as Wholefoods and Walmart search for their inventory. As a mommiganics vendor, your product(s) will be uploaded and displayed under our Premium Account, with semi-annual invitations from Wholefoods and Walmart to product, and hence partnership, proposal. Each year we receive direct invitation from big box retailers to submit our product proposals, which will be sent directly to the Board of Directory for review. Once product(s) are selected, vendor(s) are invited to meet decision makers for an interview where you are given a chance to explain the features of your products, as well as your terms for a partnership.

Costco: The #1 consumer wholesale franchise department store with over 90.3 billion members. Eligible products/vendors are given the opportunity to meet with the appropriate Costco inventory buyers and managers to learn more about their potential opportunity to put their products on Costco’s shelf.

Walmart Marketplace: We are a proud Walmart seller for more than 4 years. Allow us to optimize your product ranking not just within Walmart marketplace search, but also Google algorithm.

Baby Trade Shows and Consumer Shows: We have been proud partners to both international and local baby, kids, and maternity shows, such as the ABC Kids Expo, Shanghai Children Baby Industry Maternity Expo, Hong Kong Toy Expo, Toronto Baby Show, Toronto Baby Time Show, Singapore’s Baby World Fair, to name a few. Selected products/vendors will be displayed at our booth at various trade/consumer shows around the globe.

Built-in SEO Guide: One of the challenges businesses face is not able to attract traffic that yields conversion. While there are many factors to it, one of the leading causes to bad or no ranking (because your product or website is not showing up when potential customer searches for your product) is bad SEO practices.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Good SEO practices tell search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo) that your product is exactly what customers are searching for and therefore your page will show up (the number 1 step to driving traffic and sales). SEO practice is not a one-time course; rather, it requires continuous education and practice, which many entrepreneurs do not have time for.

Mommiganics marketplace provides our vendors a built-in SEO support. For every product you upload, your SEO guide will provide you ranking score, content score based on the content, such as description, h1 and h2 titles, you type in. It will also suggest you the best keywords, as well as related keywords, for that specific product.

WeChat Marketing & Planning: Get featured in our WeChat Official Account, an information platform and directory source for the community. We publish on a regular basis with each post gets an average of 6801 views, usually just hours after publication. Provide us your product information and your account manager will translate as well as optimize your content.

How does it Work?
1. Apply to become a vendor here. Our team will review and evaluate your products and your business philosophy.
2. Choose your desired membership: Upon approval, our staff will contact you regarding your desired vendor membership and arrange for payments.
3. Upload your product(s) in your dashboard: Once payment is confirmed, you will be given login credentials.
4. Set up your payment for monthly payouts.

Vendor Membership
We have different membership tier that fits every business’s needs and growth. Click here for more information.

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