XiaoMi IH 3L Intelligent Electric Rice Cooker


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Smart Cooking for More than 3000 kinds of Rice: Tired of having inconsistent rice? Not sure how much water to add when it is white rice, whole grain or wild rice? XiaoMi IH’s integrated smarkt cooking technology allows you to enjoy the perfect rice – no matter what kind of rice. By scanning the barcode of your rice package with the mobile phone APP, the system will automatically recognize the type of rice in an instant and yields the perfect rice.

Intelligent Control Technology lets you control the different preferences to adjust the grain degree of hardness and softness.

Wi-Fi Smart Control: Remotely press the button and start the rice cooker from your office or at your child’s school using the M Home APP. Rice can be kept warm for up to 24 hours.

Easy & Simple Cleaning: Removable cover makes cleaning after a meal simple and easy. Built-in broken bubble is automtacally activated to prevent hot soup overflow.


  • Innovative mini rice cooker features a compact design packed full of features
  • Convenient portability makes it perfect for dorms, kitchens and even camping trips
  • Cook rice and warm dishes together to save time and energy
  • Fully multi-functional, the mini cooker can steam rice, cook soup, make boiled dishes and cook instant noodles for perfect, healthy results every single time
  • Ideal for both young couples and singles, the electromagnetic heating function ensures your food is delicious and nutritious
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