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Four Forbidden Baby & Toddler Foods

Certain foods are a choking hazard to small children, especially those under the age of 4. See below 4 foods you should avoid feeding your baby and toddler under 4 years old.

1. Whole Hot Dogs

  • Go with nitrate-free hot dogs
  • Cut into noodle-like strips

2. Large Chunks of Meat, Cheese, or Fruit

  • Meat usually takes a bit more chewing. Cut them into small pieces no bigger than the size of our fingertips.
  • Slice or shred cheese.
  • Serve riped fruit.

3. Whole Grapes

  • Babies cannot take whole grapes, or even halved. Slice them or better yet, puree them.

4. Honey

  • Honey can contain spores of bacterium which can be too harsh on baby’s immature digestive system, hence causing fatal illness or allergy if consumed.
  • Wait until after they turn 1 year old.